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Below are some frequently asked questions about

 the services we provide

  • How do I record my lectures?


    Recording your lectures can be done on your smartphone, tablet, smartpen, or other recording device. You can simply use the voice recording app built into your smartphone, and then upload to your NTE account after saving the recorded audio.


    If you are using the NTE or NTE Conversor app, you can record your lecture and upload it all within the app.

  • How long does it take to get my notes?


    How long it takes to receive your completed notes depends on the turnaround time selected by you or your institution. If you selected our 24 hour turnaround for example, your notes will appear in your account within 24 hours of uploading the file to your account.

  • What happens after I upload my audio?


    Once you've uploaded your recorded lecture, your designated note taker will receive notification of your upload. They will start taking notes for your recorded audio and the completed notes will be uploaded to your account. As soon as that happens, you will receive notification by email that your completed note file has been uploaded to your NTE account.


Download these handy guides to help get you started using our services

Need help uploading your recordings from the Notetalker app?

Watch the brief video below to see how simple it is.

Uploading Notetalker recordings

Watch our brief tutorial videos to get acquainted with your account.

Accepting your account invitation

Logging into your account

Uploading files to your account

Renaming and deleting files

Moving files

Reading, editing, and commenting your notes

NTE dashboard and activity page

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Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide (print friendly)