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Frequently asked questions

Below are some questions that our users often ask regarding our services.

Recording your lectures can be done on your smartphone, tablet, smartpen, or other recording device. You can simply use the voice recording app built into your smartphone, and then upload to your NTE account after saving the recorded audio.
If you are using the NTE or NTE Conversor app, you can record your lecture and upload it all within the app.
How long it takes to receive your completed notes depends on the turnaround time selected by you or your institution. If you selected our 24 hour turnaround for example, your notes will appear in your account within 24 hours of uploading the file to your account.
Once you've uploaded your recorded lecture, your designated note taker will receive notification of your upload. They will start taking notes for your recorded audio and the completed notes will be uploaded to your account. As soon as that happens, you will receive notification by email that your completed note file has been uploaded to your NTE account.
Some faculty members may be concerned with the confidentiality of their lectures, and rightly so, as this is their precious intellectual property. As such, we go to great lengths to protect this information from theft, interception, and loss. We use end to end encryption to stream our audio files to our note takers. Because audio is streamed it is not saved on a note taker’s computer. We make no secondary use of audio files and audio files are never sent to third party individuals or companies, or to other faculty members within your institution. After notes or transcription is complete for an audio file, the audio file is deleted. The sole purpose of our service is to make sure the students that need notes for their classes get them in a timely and secure manner.
Rest assured that only the student who uploads an audio file, the note taker assigned to take notes for that audio, and the leader of your institution’s disability/accessibility services department has access to it. The audio recording of class time and lectures are only used to take notes for and nothing more. After the student uploads an audio recording of a lecture, the audio file is assigned to one of our note takers. Once notes are completed, the note document is uploaded to the student’s NTE account. Where only the student and the Accessibilty/Disability Services department head can access it.
For student accounts, we keep audio recordings for no more than a year after upload. They are then permanently deleted from our servers.
For personal and business accounts we keep audio recordings as long as your account is active.
All files and data are securely stored on our file platform. We employ encryption during all transmission of files (upload/download) and while data is at rest. During transfer of data, 256-bit AES encryption is used, ensuring that audio files containing your intellect property are secure at all times. Users log in using standard authentication, to make sure their data is seen by their eyes only.
Note Taking Express uses the standard SSL encryption used on all common ecommerce and online banking websites to protect all server (our website)-client (your browser) exchanges on this site and 256-bit AES encryption on our file platform. Therefore, all communications made between a client and our server are fully protected from interception and eavesdropping.

Why is that important?

Well many people use the same or similar username and passwords for all sorts of websites (even though they shouldn't), and your students are no different. Without SSL encryption protecting their online communications with our server, their login credentials are at risk of interception and exposure. So it's our view that it's our utmost responsibility to prevent this from happening.

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