What are the key benefits for students?

There are so many great benefits to using NTEhub, we can’t wait to show them to you! For now, here are three big reasons your students will love using NTEhub.

1. NTEhub provides students with cloud based technology and storage

Learners' content will be stored on our cloud service, so students don’t need to transfer their files from the app to any other software, or worry about keeping free space on their devices to save their recordings and notes.

2. Students can use NTEhub to work with video material as well as traditional audio

More and more, universities are using video and podcasts for teaching and learning, so we've created a solution for students to work with video content in the same way as they would audio.

3. Students can organise their course content before they attend a lecture by splitting PowerPoint slides and adding preliminary notes ahead of time

NTEhub offers plenty of flexibility for learners. They can choose to create their projects from one of several starting points, to match their learning styles and needs. One big advantage is that students can organise their course content ahead of the lecture, which allows them to fully prepare for the class before they attend. For example, students given lecture slides prior to a class can split them into individual pieces of content and add matching notes, before saving them in a bookmark next to the relevant video or audio content.

Please read our leaflet (PDF)