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Tech is advancing faster than ever. It's time for your notes to catch up.
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Unique circumstances call for
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If your classes have moved online
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you can use Note Taking Express

A Note Taking Platform With A Service

Write your own notes or let a professional note taker do it for you.

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Save Money

Reduces costs for schools

Compared to school note takers, NTEhub is proven to be more cost effective, even for volunteer note takers! Take a look at how our professional note taking service compares against traditional costs.

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Central control of user accounts

One person can manage multiple student accounts and assess engagement and quality of notes.

Study Success

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Study Success

Exceptional quality notes

The notes students receive are monitored robustly and checked for efficacy. It’s a system we have tested and refined for years.

Bullet point format

Our professional note takers return detailed summaries as bullet point notes, organised in a style that lets the student review them quickly.

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Note Taking Express is an AWS Edstart Member

Implementing technology for in-class and remote learning at institutions is gathering pace and the AWS platform allows us to build digital classrooms with universal design principles efficiently.

AWS EdStart helps companies to build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions in the AWS Cloud. Membership helps us build solutions that are safe, scalable, and cost-effective.

AWS provides the flexibility and agility needed to experiment, reliably serve students at scale, and manage educational operations securely and robustly.

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